Marketing Edge

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Value is a matter of perception

We combine the knowledge and experience required to determine a property’s value with the art of articulating its untapped upside to a particular buyer. Crafting a compelling basis that establishes value requires us to build these foundations:

  • Establishing a solid rationale for acquisition based on independent
    facts and projections.
  • Creating a pricing scenario that meets the fiduciary’s objectives.
  • Creating a competitive bid environment by identifying the specific investors who
    have the desire, capability and financial resources to close.
  • Maximizing the asset value with the negotiated price and the terms of the sale.

Mastering the art of strategic marketing

Formulating the marketing plan is the first step in exposing a property to the right audience. Just as no two properties are exactly alike, no two investors are exactly alike.

Our strategic marketing plan determines:

For Commercial and Residential Income

  • The type of buyer who can realize the property’s greatest value — and whether it is most appropriate for an institutional investor, partnership or individual.
  • The capital, management and experience required to realize the full upside of the property.
  • How investing in the property will yield a return sufficient to make a compelling case for acquisition.

For Residential

  • The type of buyer that is best suited for the home. Based on factors such as amenities, square footage, condition, number of rooms, size of lot, community, schools, etc.
  • All buyers will have an equal opportunity to submit offers — however, we pre-qualify their financial capability such as: loan pre-approval, down payment etc.
  • Helping buyers and agents become comfortable with the procedures that are unique to a property that is being sold by a fiduciary such as: court confirmation, overbid, etc.

walgreensTrust and credibility

The Seymour Group has built a reputation of trust and credibility, based on:

  • Leadership: Our Managing Director, Phil Seymour, has over 29 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has served as a Manager for Merrill Lynch Realty, Executive-Vice President of D.G.M. Financial/Properties, worked in the Commercial/Investment Division for Prudential California Realty and currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Elite Properties Realty.
  • Traction: We have traction right from the start. Before embarking on the marketing campaign we have conducted extensive research on the property. When prospective investors ask for detailed property information, we have it and can substantiate it. That’s credibility.
  • Relationships: We bring to the table a strategic network of service providers, including title and escrow professionals, for which we have established long term relationships. Our clients benefit from our track record with this network, enabling us to negotiate preferred rates.
  • Compelling reasons for investment: They may be strategic or financial. Perhaps the property is located in a market the buyer has already targeted to establish a presence. Perhaps the upside developmental potential precisely parallels their business strategy. The Seymour Group’s professionals identify and make a logical case for the acquisition even before meeting the buyer.
  • Cooperation with other brokers: We believe that the door swings both ways. Our reputation and credibility in this industry is based on creating a level playing field. The Seymour Group gives every agent and their client an equal opportunity to view, bid and participate in the sale process.
  • Advertising: Sales and marketing brochures, print (local and national newspapers), web sites and internet, printed mailers, in-house database of buyers, “For Sale” signs (when appropriate).

From the fabulous to the distressed

At The Seymour Group we sell all types of properties. Regardless of the nature or condition—we can take an asset problem and convert it into a success.